ISLE OF MAN 2 Pounds GOLD COIN, St. George slaying the dragon, 1979

Isle of Man £2 Gold Coin
2 Pounds GOLD COIN, St. George slaying the dragon
Isle of Man £2 Gold Coin (Double Sovereign)
Isle of Man 2 Pounds  Gold Coin (Double Sovereign), minted in 1979.

Obverse Design: Portrait of Elizabeth II.
Reverse Design: St. George slaying the dragon - Gold Double Sovereign features a Norse warrior on horseback, imitating the appearance of St. George from the British Sovereigns.

Reported Mintage: 2,000 ONLY
KM (Krause-Mishler) Catalog: KM# 28
Weight: 15.9761 g. (0.4708 oz., 0.917 GOLD)
Diameter: 25 mm

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