Israel banknotes Fifty Palestine Pounds note 1948 Anglo-Palestine Bank Limited

 50 Pounds Anglo Palestine Bank banknote
 50 Pounds banknote issued by the Anglo Palestine Bank 
50 Pounds banknote Anglo Palestine Bank
50 Pound note issued by the Anglo Palestine Bank
Israel banknotes 50 Pound bank note Anglo-Palestine Bank 1948-1951
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Obverse:  Guilloches; the denomination "Fifty Palestine Pounds" and "The Anglo-Palestine Bank Limited" in Hebrew and English.
Reverse:  Guilloches; the denomination "Fifty Palestine Pounds" and "The Anglo-Palestine Bank Limited" in Arabic and English.

Size: 159 X 84 mm.
Dominant colour: Violet.
Colour of numbering: Red.
Signatures: S. Hoofien, A. Barth.
Design: American Banknote Co., New York.
Date of issue: August 18, 1948.
Ceased to be legal tender: June 23, 1952.

The British Mandate of Palestine, which administered the territory now known as Israel, Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza prior to May 15, 1948, issued the Palestinian pound, a currency equal in value and pegged to the UK Pound, which was divided into 1000 Mils. Banknotes in circulation were issued by the Palestine Currency Board, which was subject to the British Secretary of State for the Colonies.
Israel inherited the Palestinian pound but, shortly after the establishment of the state, new banknotes were issued by the London-based Anglo-Palestine bank of the Zionist movement. A second series of banknotes was issued after the Anglo-Palestine Bank moved its headquarters to Tel Aviv and changed its name to Bank Leumi (Hebrew: בנק לאומי‎ "National Bank"). The pegging to the UK Pound was abolished on January 1, 1954, and in 1960, the sub-division of the lira was changed from 1000 prutot to 100 agorot.

Palestine Pound System
ND (1948-1951) "Pound" Issue

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