Ukraine banknotes 5 Karbowanez note of 1942 Rowno

Ukraine banknotes 5 Karbowanez Rowno  Zentralnotenbank Ukraine
5 Karbowanez - Rowno Zentralnotenbank Ukraine, World War II
Ukraine bank notes 5 Karbowanez banknote Rowno Ukraine, World War II
5 Karbowanez - Reichskommissariat Ukraine, World War II
Ukraine Banknotes 5 Karbowanez - Zentralnotenbank Ukraine in Rowno 1942 - Reichskommissariat Ukraine, World War II
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Obverse: On the ornamented background of figure '5' there is denomination on German: FÜNF KARBOWANEZ is marked in letters. Beneath there is the text: Ausgegeben auf Grund der Verordnung vom 5. März 1942 / ROWNO, den 10. März 1942. ZENTRALNOTENBANK UKRAINE, under it there is the signature of director of Central Bank, to the right of signature there is stamping looks like the coat of arms of German Empire (the eagle with the open wings holds in paws a wreath from oak leaves with a swastika) and circular inscription: ZENTRALNOTENBANK UKRAINE. In four corners of note there is the denomination '5', at the left there is vertical denomination: FÜNF. To the right there is portrait of young girl in so called 'mandala' (sacral decorative vignette), beneath it there is series number, 7 digit serial, red color. Background colors are grey and brown-light, print color is brown.

Reverse: In the center there is denomination '5' in so called 'mandala'. Above it there is inscription on German in two lines: ZENTRALNOTENBANK UKRAINE / FÜNF KARBOWANEZ, beneath there is the same inscription on Ukrainian: П’ЯТЬ КАРБОВАНЦІВ / ЦЕНТРАЛЬНИЙ ЕМІСІЙНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНА. To the left there is text on German in five lines: GELOFÄLSCHUNG WIRD MIT ZUCHTHAUS BESTRAFT, to the right the same text on Ukrainian: ФАЛЬШУВАННЯ ГРОШЕВИХ ЗНАКІВ КАРАЄТЬСЯ ТЯЖКОЮ ТЮРМОЮ. In four corners of note there is the denomination '5'. Background color is grey, print color is brown.
Dimensions: 130 х 60 mm. Watermark: zigzag knot. Series 7, Serial No – 0123619.
There are series with 1 or 2 figures: Х·ХХХХХХХ, ХХ·ХХХХХХХ; 7 digit serial, all signs of serial number have the identical size.
The note was in circulation from July 1, 1942 till October 1944 on Western areas of Ukraine.

Ukraine Banknotes Rowno 1942 - German occupation of Ukraine during World War II - Reichskommissariat Ukraine

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