Ukraine 50 Karbovantsiv, 1918

Ukraine 50 Karbovantsiv banknote
Ukraine 50 Karbovantsiv, State Treasury Note, 1918.
Ukraine currency 50 Karbovantsiv note
50 Karbovantsiv Banknote of Ukraine 1918
Ukraine 50 Karbovantsiv, State Treasury Note Under the Central Rada of Ukrainian National Republic (20.11.1917 – 29.04.1918).

Obverse: Peasant standing with spade at left, a peasant woman with sheafs at right.
Reverse: Allegorical portrait of man and woman.
Design by Aleksander Krasovsky.
Dimensions: 132 x 75 mm. Serial No АО 208.
Without watermarks.
Issue date: 09.09.1918. Issued in Odessa.