Venezuela currency 500 Bolivares banknote of 1972

Venezuela 500 Bolivares banknote money money money Simon Bolivar Battle of Carabobo
Venezuela 500 Bolivares banknote
pictures of money Venezuela 500 Bolivares Guri hydroelectric dam
Currency of Venezuela 500 Bolivares banknote of 1972, issued by the 
Banco Central de Venezuela

Obverse: On the left, portrait of Simon Bolivar by Antonio Salas painted in 1825. In the center, details of the painting "Batalla de Carabobo" by Martín Tovar y Tovar ( Battle of Carabobo - Part of the Venezuelan War of Independence). On the right, watermarks zone. On the top, the issuer name "BANCO CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA" with the denomination in words "QUINIENTOS BOLÍVARES", the payment clause "PAGADEROS AL PORTADOR EN LAS OFICINAS DEL BANCO" and two serial numbers below. In each corner, except the bottom left, the value "500".

Reverse: Panoramic view of the Hydroelectric Dams of Guri. On the left, "REPÚBLICA BOLIVARIANA DE VENEZUELA" (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela). On the right, Coat of Arms of Venezuela. On the top, the issuer name "BANCO CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA". On the bottom, the denomination in words "QUINIENTOS BOLÍVARES". In each corner, except bottom left, the value "500".

Printed by The De La Rue Company Limited, London.