Soviet Union Currency 10 Chervontsev banknote of 1937

Russian currency Soviet Union 10 Chervontsev banknotes
Banknotes of the Soviet Union
Russian old paper money 10 chervontsev bill
10 chervontsev banknote of 1937
Currency of the Soviet Union 10 Chervontsev banknote of 1937, issued by the State Bank of the USSR.

Obverse: Portrait of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Banknotes of the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) and Russia 
State Bank 1937 Issue

1 Chervonets      3 Chervontsa      5 Chervontsev      10 Chervontsev

1938 State Treasury Notes Issue

 1 Ruble      3 Rubles      5 Rubles