Colombia banknotes 10000 Pesos bank note 1992 Commemorative Issue - Quincentennial Celebration of Christopher Columbus's First Voyage to America 1492 -1992

Colombia 10000 Pesos
Colombia 10000 Pesos
Colombia 10000 Pesos Commemorative Issue 1992
Quincentennial Celebration of Christopher Columbus's First Voyage to America 1492 -1992
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Obverse: Fleet of Columbus - early sailing ships at center and youthful woman Mujer Embera  and Native gold sculpture at right
Reverse: Native birds around antique world map, Santa Maria sailing ship at lower right.
Printed by Banco de Mexico.

Gold sculpture from Gold Museum, Bogota (Museo del Oro), which exhibits gold pieces from all the major pre-Columbian cultures in Colombia. This outstanding object in the Gold Museum's collection is a poporo which represents a high-ranking woman adorned with face paint, helmet and nose ring. Her meditative expression and solemn posture, holding bars with birds, makes her look as if she is taking part in a ritual. This masterpiece, together with two helmets, a crown adorned with imitation feathers and two containers in the shape of an elongated gourd with lid, which were probably used for keeping and carrying coca leaves in, were part of the regalia that several leaders were buried with in a tomb in the town of Puerto Nare, in Antioquia's mid-Magdalena region.

Native Birds of Colombia, from left to right: great flamingo, Andean condor, green honey creeper, andean cock of the rock, blue and yellow macaw, hotzin, scarlet ibis, yellow-hooded blackbird, metallic green tanager, white pelican, magnificent frigate bird, keel-billed toucan, Baltimore oriole, scarlet macaw, yellow crowned parrot and red-capped cardinal.

Antique world map - The Waldseemüller map, Universalis Cosmographia, is a printed wall map of the world by German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller, originally published in April 1507. It is known as the first map to use the name "America".