Ireland 50 Pounds banknote 1963 Lady Lavery

Ireland banknotes money currency 50 Pounds banknote Lady Lavery
£50 Pounds, Lady Lavery banknote issue
Banknotes of Ireland fifty pounds Lady Lavery
Old Irish Banknote
Currency of Ireland 50 Pounds banknote 1963 Lady Lavery
Central Bank of Ireland - Banc Ceannais na hÉireann
1963-1977 issue
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Obverse: Portrait of Lady Hazel Lavery in Irish national costume with chin resting on her hand and leaning on an Irish harp.
Reverse: Representation of river gods at center. God of River Lee or River Shannon.

Banknotes of the Republic of Ireland: Series A Banknotes
The Series A Banknotes were introduced by the Irish Free State in 1928 and were the first banknotes created by and for the state; the series continued to b
e issued when the Free State became Ireland. The notes served from 1928 to 1977 and were replaced by Series B notes.

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