Finland 500 Finnish Markka banknote 1975 Urho Kekkonen

Finland 500 MARKKAA SPECIMEN banknote Vuokatti hill skiing resort
500 Finnish markka
Finnish currency 500 MARK
500 Finnish markka banknote
Finland 500 Finnish Markka banknote 1975, issued by the Bank of Finland - Finlands Bank - Suomen Pankki
(Issued in: 3.9.1975–1987. Annulled as legal tender: 1.1.1994)

Obverse: Portrait of the President of Finland, Urho Kekkonen (1900–1986). The banknote was put into circulation on his 75th birthday. The background contains a reproduction of the features a winter landscape of Vuokatti hill.
The Vuokatti hill is an important international skiing resort in Finland.

Reverse: The coat of arms of Finland and coats of arms of her nine historical provinces.

The Bank of Finland will convert all markka banknotes printed after the Second Word War into euro until 29 February 2012