Afghanistan banknotes 1000 Afghanis banknote 1967 King Zahir Shah

Afghanistan bank notes 1000 Afghanis banknote King Zahir Shah
 Afghanistan banknotes 1000 Afghanis bank note, King Zahir Shah 
Afghanistan banknotes 1000 Afghanis banknote paper money currency
 Afghanistan bank notes 1000 Afghanis banknote 
Afghanistan banknotes 1000 Afghanis banknote of 1967 (SH 1346), issued by the Central Bank of Afghanistan - Da Afghanistan Bank.
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Obverse: Portrait of King Muhammad Zahir Shah - the last King Padishah of Afghanistan.
Reverse: Glacier Mountain - Mountain Landscape of the Hindu Kush with the famous 2.6-kilometer-long Salang tunnel, which passes beneath the Hindu Kush mountain range, was built with the help of the Soviet Union and was opened in 1964.