Saudi Arabia paper money 10 Riyals note of 1961 Jeddah Seaport

Saudi Arabia paper money 10 Riyals bank note saudi riyal banknotes
Saudi Arabian currency - 10 riyals bank note
Saudi Arabia bank notes 10 Riyals banknote 1961
Ten Riyals from Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency - Ten Riyals Note: First Issue, circulated during the reign of King Saud.
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Obverse: A rectangle at the centre of which appears a view of Jeddah Port and two dhows. To the left appears the commitment by SAMA. At the top appears the name of the Monetary Agency and the number and date of the Royal Decree by virtue of which the note was issued. To the right appears a circle, inside which there is the water mark. The  serial number, signatures of the Minister of Finance and the Governor, the security thread and the value of the note are also shown here.
Reverse: In the middle is the Kingdom's emblem inside an arch, with the name of King Saud under it. On the   right  side of the note is the value in English. In the top frame of the rectangle appears the name of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency in English.
Size: 165 × 70 mm. Color: Green

Saudi Arabia banknotes - Saudi Arabia paper money
L. AH1379 - ND (1961) Issue

By the Regulations for Currency, stipulated under the Royal Decree No. (6), dated (1/71379 H.), the First Issue of Saudi banknotes was put in circulation on (1/1/1381H.) corresponding to (14/6/1961G), during the Reign of King Saud Bin Abdulaziz. This 1st Issue included the One Hundred, the Fifty, the Ten, the Five and the One Saudi Riyal denominations. This issue was withdrawn from circulation on (1/5/1391H.) corresponding to (24/6/1971G.).

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