Russian Finland currency 50 Markkaa banknote 1898

Paper Money Finland Russia 50 markkaa banknote collection
Russian Grand Duchy of Finland 50 markkaa banknote of 1898 
Russian Finland money currency 50 Markkaa banknote of 1898, issued by the Finlands Bank - Suomen Pankki

Obverse: The Maiden of Finland, at the pedestal of the statue of the Finnish national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. Wrapped in a bearskin, she holds in her left hand a tablet with the words of the Finnish national anthem in Swedish - "Maamme" (Finnish) or Vårt land (Swedish) or "Our Land" (literally "our country"). In her right hand she has a laurel wreath, and a pile of books lies by her feet.

In Helsinki there is a Statue for Finland's national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg in Esplanadi park.
The memorial was designed by poet's son Walter Runeberg, and comprises an image of Runeberg and a second figure (“The Maiden of Finland”).