France Paper Money 50 French Francs "Jacques Coeur" banknote of 1942 Banque de France

Paper Money France 50 Francs banknote bill cash
France banknotes50 French Francs "Jacques Coeur" banknote
Paper Money France banknotes currency 50 Francs banknote
 50 French Francs bill 
Currency of France 50 French Francs banknote of 1942 "Jacques Coeur", issued by the Bank of France - Banque de France
French Franc was the official currency of France until the adoption of the euro in 2002.
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Obverse: Portrait of Jacques Heart in blue doublet, writing with a quill pen. On his desk, an ornate ivory casket and inkwell. The windows ornamented by the ivory overlook the facade of the Palace of Jacques Coeur in Bourges - Le Palais de Jacques Coeur à Bourges . In the bottom of banknote, the Coeur motto: "À cœurs vaillans riens impossible"

Reverse: Renaissance portrait of peasant women in the traditional costume of Berry, spinning by hand. In the background - agricultural scene in Bourges: pasture with cattle, flock of sheep.

Its dimensions are 145 mm x 90 mm.
The dominant colors are red and gray.
Watermark is in the form of heart: Woman's head in profile (Berrichonne wearing a cap).

Jacques Coeur (1395 – 25 November 1456 in Chios), was a French merchant, one of the founders of the trade between France and the Levant, the man who financed the armies of Joan's Dauphin, King Charles VII. Jacques Cœur was one of the most influential men of his time. Knighted by King Charles VII and at head of a vast commercial empire in the Mediterranean.

The Levant is a geographic and cultural term referring to the region of the "eastern Mediterranean littoral between Anatolia and Egypt". The Levant includes most of modern Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Cyprus, Turkey's Hatay Province and sometimes Iraq or the Sinai Peninsula.

The Palace of Jacques Coeur in Bourges (Jacques Cœur « Grand Maison ») - at every turn sculptured hearts play upon the owner's name, and inscribed in stone on a balustrade is the Coeur motto - ''A vaillans coeurs, riens impossible'' (to the valiant heart, nothing is impossible).

The 50 francs Jacques Cœur (Heart) is a French banknote created June 13, 1940, put into circulation from 21 January 1941 by the Bank of France instead of 50 francs Ceres. It was replaced by the  50 francs Le Verrier et Neptune .

This bill is one of a series of multi-color notes, the main theme is the "Historical figures and the regions of France", which includes twenty francs Bayard and 100 francs Sully. Banknotes are issued by the Banque de France from June 1940 to May 1942. 50 francs Jacques Coeur banknotes was taken out of circulation and ceased to be legal tender from June 4, 1945.

This note is the work of painter Lucien Jonas, engraving is signed Camille Beltrand.