Reunion banknotes 20 New Francs on 1000 Francs banknote 1967 Union française

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 Reunion 20 New Francs on 1000 Francs banknote
Reunion 1000 Francs bank note bill world money currency
 Reunion 20 Nouveaux Francs - 1000 Francs 
Reunion banknotes 20 Nouveaux Francs on 1000 Francs banknote (1967-1971) - Institut d'Émission des Départements d'Outre-Mer
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Obverse: Allegory of France and French Union: The women on the foreground personifies France and looking towards the face of a young Martinican woman in traditional head dress.
Reverse: Portrait of Creole women wearing the madras dress (the island's national dress). Dugout canoe at center. In background - Typical Guadeloupe Landscape - seacoast.

French Union

The French Union (Union française) was a political entity created by the French Fourth Republic to replace the old French colonial system, the "French Empire" (Empire Français) and to abolish its "indigenous" (indigène) status.