Jamaican banknotes 5 Shillings note 1960 Queen Elizabeth II

Jamaica money currency 5 Shillings banknote Queen Elizabeth
Jamaica 5-shilling note
Jamaican banknotes 5 Shillings bank note currency images
Jamaican banknotes 5 Shillings note of 1960.
Currency of Jamaica 5 Shillings note of 1960 (1964) 
Bank of Jamaica - British Administration issue
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Obverse: Portrait of young Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty is wearing Queen Mary's 'Girls of Great Britain and Ireland' Tiara, which was given to the future Queen Mary as a wedding gift in 1893.
Reverse: River Rafting rapids in Jamaica.
Printed by Thomas De La Rue & Company Ltd, London England.

Jamaica banknotes - Jamaica paper money
Bank of Jamaica - L. 1960 (1964)

5 Shillings        10 Shillings        1 Pound        5 Pounds