Finland - 1000 Finnish Markka banknote.

Finland 1000 Finnish markka banknote
1000 Finnish markka banknote
Finland money 1000 Markka
1000 Finnish markka banknote , type 1922.
Finland currency - 1000 Finnish markka banknote - 1945 issue, type 1922.

The largest denomination of the first note series after Finland had gained her independence. In general, the series represents the classicism of the 1920s; however, some traces of Art Nouveau still persist. The nude figures caused some controversy when the note was first introduced. The almost spiritual at-mosphere of the 1, 000 markka note, with its train of people bearing a garland on a hazy lake shore to-wards the bright dawn of the newly-independent Finland, is reminiscent of earlier murals in the Tampere cathedral - 'The Procession of the Blessed' (1907) by Magnus Enckell and friezes depicting garland bear-ers (1906) by Hugo Simberg. The note was printed with the text Litt. A in 1929, with the text Litt. C in 1931 and with Litt. D in 1939. In 1946 a new, slightly more reddish issue was introduced (type 1945). Notes with the text Litt. A and Litt. B were in print until 1955.

Designer: Eliel Saarinen
Printed at: Bank of Finland Security Printing House
Size: 204 mm x 120 mm
Issued in: 1922–1945
Annulled as legal tender: 16.2.1946