Equatorial Guinea banknotes 1000 Pesetas Guineanas banknote of 1969 Francisco Macías Nguema

Equatorial Guinea currency 1000 Pesetas Guineanas banknote
Currency of Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea 1000 Pesetas note
Old Equatorial Guinean 1000 pesetas banknote, 1969
Currency of Equatorial Guinea 1000 Pesetas Guineanas banknote of 1969, issued by the El Banco Central - Republica de Guinea Ecuatorial
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Obverse: Portrait of Masie Nguema Biyogo Ñegue Ndong (formerly Francisco Macías Nguema; born Mez-m Ngueme) (1 January 1924 – 29 September 1979), first President of Equatorial Guinea, from 1968 until his overthrow in 1979.
Reverse: Coat of arms of Equatorial Guinea - this coat of arms shows a grey shield, which contains a tree. This tree is a silk cotton tree, or so-called "God tree". This is where the first treaty was signed between Spain and the local ruler.
Printed by Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre - Real Casa de la Moneda, Madrid.

The Equatorial Guinean peseta was the currency of Equatorial Guinea from 1969 to 1975. It replaced the Spanish peseta at par and was replaced, at par, by the ekwele.