Algerian currency 50 Algerian dinars banknote of 1964

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 50 Algerian dinars banknote 
Algeria banknotes 50 Algerian dinars banknote Camel Caravan Sahara
 Old 50 Algerian dinar banknote 
Currency of Algeria - 50 Dinars banknote of 1964, issued by the Central Bank of Algeria - Banque Centrale d'Algérie. The first series of Algerian dinar banknotes issued in 1964 consisted of 5, 10, 50 and 100 dinar denominations.
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Obverse: 2 mountain sheep.
Reverse: Camel Caravan in the Sahara.
Printer: Banque de France - Bank of France printing works.

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01.01.1964 "Dinar" Issue

5 Dinars   10 Dinars   50 Dinars   100 Dinars