Morocco banknotes 5 Dirhams banknote of 1969 King Mohammed V

BANK Morocco Currency paper money 5 Five Dirhams King Mohammed V banknote
5 Moroccan dirhams
banknotes currency values 5 Dirhams Morocco 1969
Moroccan dirham
Morocco 5 Dirhams banknote 1969
Bank of Morocco - Banque du Maroc
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Obverse: Portrait of King Mohammed V of Morocco. The background contains a view of Fez medina (Old town of Fes)
Reverse: Combine harvesters at left, man holding sheaf at right.

Monetary System
1 Dirham = 100 Francs
1 Dirham = 100 Centimes = 100 Santimato

Morocco banknotes - Morocco paper money
Bank of Morocco - Banque du Maroc
1960-1969 "French Printing" Dirham issue

5 Dirhams           10 Dirhams           50 Dirhams