French banknotes 50 New Francs banknote 1959 King Henry IV of France

France currency banknotes values 50 French New Francs from 1959 HENRI IV
 France banknotes 50 New Francs banknote King Henri IV 
banknote 50 French Nouveaux Francs
France paper money50 New Francs King Henri IV
Currency of France 50 new Francs " King Henri IV" banknote of 1959, issued by the Bank of France - Banque de France
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Obverse: Portrait of Henri IV, King of France, dressed as a chief commander of the army, and holding a baton in his right hand. In the background - painting of La Samaritaine water pump on the Pont Neuf. (Artist Nicolas-Jean-Baptiste Raguenet (1715-1793))

Reverse: Same portrait of Henri IV of France. In the background - Castle of Pau, birthplace of King Henry IV. Coat of arms of Pau in the lower left corner.

Watermark: Portrait of Marie de Médicis, Queen consort of France, as the second wife of King Henry IV of France.
This banknote includes the abbreviation "NF" for new francs.
The dimensions of banknote are 160 mm x 85 mm.
The dominant colors red and yellow.
The vignette was designed based on the work of the painter Jean Lefeuvre, the engraving was performed by André Marliat and Jules Piel.
Printer: Banque de France.

The Pont Neuf (New Bridge) is, despite its name, the oldest standing bridge across the river Seine in Paris, France. The bridge was completed under the reign of Henry IV.

La Samaritaine water pump - this pump house, decorated with a gilded bas-relief depicting the Samaritan giving Jesus a drink of water, was topped by a clock tower with a chime of 23 bells that tolled the hours. This hydraulic water pump was in operation from 1609 to 1813 at the north end of the Pont Neuf. Water from the Seine was pumped into a huge reservoir nearby in an attempt to alleviate the chronic deficiency of public water supplies in Paris.

The Château de Pau (English: Pau Castle) is a castle in the centre of Pau, the capital of Pyrénées-Atlantiques and Béarn. King Henry IV of France and Navarre was born here on December 13, 1553.

The 50 new francs Henri IV banknote created by the Banque de France on March 5, 1959 and issued from January 4, 1960, to replace in circulation the 5000 francs Henri IV. This 50 new francs Henri IV banknote will be replaced by the 50 francs Racine.

This bill is one of a series "Famous people of France", their work led to the creation of modern France as a nation. On the other bills in this series are: Richelieu, Victor Hugo and Napoleon I. Banknotes are issued from March 1959 to July 1961, and after January 2, 1963, gradually being withdrawn from circulation. April 1, 1968, it ceased to be legal tender.