Banknotes of France 50 French Francs bank note of 1947 Urbain Le Verrier

France currency banknotes values 50 French Francs
France 50 Francs banknote
banknote currency France 50 Francs
 50 French Francs banknote 
France Currency 50 French Francs note of 1947, issued by the Bank of France - Banque de France
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Obverse: Portrait of Urbain Le Verrier, French astronomer born in Saint-Lô in 1811, died in Paris in 1877, holding a calliper in hand. The facade of the Paris Observatory at centre.
Reverse: Neptune sitting on two dolphins in the background Capricorn and Aquarius symbolizes the discovery of Neptune in 1846 - Capricorn and Aquarius symbolizes the discovery of Neptune. Six-pointed stars (hexagrams). Two red curves indicate the plane of the ecliptic and celestial equator.
Watermark: Head profile of Neptune.