Argentina 1 Peso banknote 1888 Banco Provincial Cordoba

Argentina currency Cordoba 1 Peso banknote
Argentina Cordoba 1 Peso billete
Argentina Currency 1 Peso banknote 1888 El Banco Provincial Cordoba.

Obverse: Portrait of Admiral William Brown, founder of the Argentine Navy (Armada de la República Argentina) and three Cherubs at right.
Reverse: Child Allegory of science and art.
Printed by Bradbury Wilkinson & Co, London.

Admiral William Brown (also known in Spanish as Guillermo Brown) (22 June 1777 – 3 March 1857) was an Irish-born Argentine Admiral. Brown's victories in the Independence War, the Cisplatine War, and the Anglo-French blockade of the Río de la Plata earned the respect and appreciation of the Argentine people, and today he is regarded as one of Argentina's national heroes. Creator and first admiral of the country's maritime forces, he is commonly known as the "father of the Argentine Navy".

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Bancos Nacionales Garantidos - National Guaranteed Banks in Argentina, 1887–1890: period of "Free Banking"
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