Fractional currency 50 Cents Spinner 1863 Third Issue

United States Fractional currency 50 Cents Spinner
Fifty-cent Fractional Currency depicting Spinner, with autograph signature.

United States Fractional currency 50 Cents Third Issue

Obverse: Bust of General F.E. Spinner, Treasurer of the United States, 1861-1875.
Reverse: Floral design - 50 - FIFTY CENTS.
Signatures: (as depicted) S. B. Colby (Register of the Treasury) Francis Elias Spinner (Treasurer of the United States).

Front Text: Act Approved March 3d 1863 – United States Fractional Currency – Receivable For All United States Stamps – Fifty – Furnished Only By The Assistant Treasurers And Designated Depositories of the United States – Treasury Department – Register – Treasurer – Eng. & Print At The Treasury

Back Text: This Note is Exchangeable for United States Notes By Assistant Treasurers And Designated Depositories Of The United States in the sums not less than Three Dollars. Receivable In Payment Of All Dues To The United States Less Than Five Dollars Except Customs. – Issued Under Act of March 3d 1863 – Engraved & Printed At The Treasury

Francis Elias Spinner (January 21, 1802 – December 31, 1890) was an American politician from New York. He was Treasurer of the United States from 1861 to 1875. He was the first administrator in the federal government to employ women for clerical jobs.