The Royal Bank of Scotland banknotes 100 Pounds Note, Lord Ilay & Balmoral Castle.

Royal Bank of Scotland One Hundred Pound Note
Royal Bank of Scotland banknotes One Hundred Pounds Sterling Note
 The Royal Bank of Scotland banknotes 100 Pounds Note 
Balmoral Castle Scottish banknotes Royal Bank of Scotland currency 100 Pounds
 Scottish banknotes 100 Pounds Sterling banknote 
The Royal Bank of Scotland 100 Pounds Note
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Obverse: Portrait of Lord Ilay (1682–1761), the first governor of the bank. The image is based on a portrait of Lord Ilay painted in 1744 by the Edinburgh artist Allan Ramsay. The front of the notes also include an engraving of the facade of Sir Laurence Dundas's mansion in St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh, which was built by Sir William Chambers in 1774 and later became the bank's headquarters, the bank's coat of arms and the 1969 arrows logo and branding.

Reverse: View of Balmoral Castle, the royal residence in Deeside. Balmoral was built in 1853 to replace an existing building. It was a great favourite of Queen Victoria and has provided successive Royal Families with a suitable location in which to enjoy periods of rest, relaxation and, above all, privacy.

The background graphic on both sides of the notes is a radial star design which is based on the ornate ceiling of the banking hall in the old headquarters building, designed by John Dick Peddie in 1857.

Royal Bank of Scotland Bank Notes - Lord Ilay series

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Archibald Campbell, 3rd Duke of Argyll, 1st Earl of Ilay (June 1682 – 15 April 1761) was a Scottish nobleman, politician, lawyer, businessman and soldier. He was known as Lord Archibald Campbell from 1703 to 1706, and as the Earl of Ilay from 1706 until 1743, when he succeeded to the dukedom. He was the dominant political leader in Scotland in his day, and was involved in many civic projects.