Spain currency 5000 Pesetas banknote of 1992, Christopher Columbus.

Spain currency money 5000 Pesetas Christopher Columbus banknote
5000 Spanish pesetas banknote
Spain currency 5000 Pesetas bill
5000 pesetas Spain Pre-Euro banknote
Spain currency 5000 Pesetas banknote  of 1992, - banknotes commemorating Spain in America, issued by the Bank of Spain - El Banco de España. 
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Obverse: Bust of Christopher Columbus and a map of America with two ships of the Columbus period and the figures of the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.
Reverse: Astrolabe on an image of the Nao Santa Maria, a steering wheel and in the white margin, a sailor's compass and a Greek and Latin characters representing the name of Christopher Columbus.
As shown in matching front and back displays a compass rose as watermark head of Martin Alonso Pinzon and the symbol of the V Centenary of the Discovery.
Printed by Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, Madrid.

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1992 Issue

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Spanish Currency - 5000 Pesetas